Kyiv, Ukraine, 24 July 2013 - “United Nations approach to local and global development” – special course by the United Nations in Ukraine has drawn to a close at the UN House in Kyiv. Organized for the first time with the purpose to inform, educate and inspire Ukrainian youth to work for the common good, announced the closing of its official meetings, after which the course work will continue in small groups by students carrying out in total more than ten social projects related to course themes among their peers.

Course participants all represent different study backgrounds and professional interests, but they are all united by the desire to become proactive members of the society and build prosperous future for generations to come. Throughout the course, students have exhibited inquisitiveness, willingness to be involved in the discussions, and desire to become informed on challenges faced by the present-day world. For this purpose, the summer course platform has not only enabled young participants to share their opinions and exchange information, but also establish ties with one another as well as UN staff members in Ukraine.

“The course is truly remarkable! As a representative of the young generation, I am willing to bring back faith in the better quality of life for us and our neighbors, people of the world.” - Oksana Skripnik, one of the course participants stated.

Oksana together with her fellow course participants is as part of the small group work planning to launch a campaign designed to promote recycling in her neighborhood. Introducing the exchange of unused items, such as food, clothing, electronics, and others, she believes to be able to influence her neighbors to take over sustainable patterns of consumption. “We would be incredibly happy if people one day realized they are responsible for lending a helping held to those in need and spending all existing resources wisely”, Oksana said.

Before the closing ceremony, the course participants had the opportunity to present their group work plans to the senior UN staff and get feedback for their successful realization. Vira Poreva, who is also attending the course, was glad to get the opportunity to present her project idea to the UN staff: “UN professionals have helped us to formulate the idea of the project, shown us the direction, and given us all the necessary contacts and background information crucial for the project implementation. It has been very helpful and now we are more excited about the task than ever!”, Vira said.

Elena Panova, UNDP Deputy Country Director, stated that the United Nations system in Ukraine considers cooperation with the Ukrainian youth useful and important: “I am glad to see how enthusiastically students approach their tasks, bring up vital topics for discussion and how eager they are to learn more. We hope that this active stance towards brightening the future of their country will inspire them to serve selflessly our world throughout their lives”, she said.

The “United Nations Approach to Local and Global Development” – special course to students was organized jointly by the UN system organizations and coordinated by the United Nations Office in Ukraine in the framework of wider UN communication and outreach activities among the Ukrainian youth.

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