25 February 2014 - As the Secretary-General has noted in his statement yesterday, he has dispatched me to Kiev as his Senior Advisor to assure all citizens of Ukraine of the support of the United Nations and to also convey that he expects all key international actors to work collaboratively to help Ukraine at this challenging time in the country`s history.

I have delivered to them important messages from the Secretary-General, including that the United Nations stands in solidarity with all citizens of Ukraine and is committed to assist a Ukrainian-led, accountable and inclusive governance process, in a spirit of non-violence and upholding the key principles of democracy, the rule of law and human rights, thereby creating a conducive environment for free and fair elections. As the Secretary-General has said, the United Nations is committed to the unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

I have held meetings inter alia with the new Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Turchynov, Vice Prime Minister Mr. Gryshchenko, acting Minister of Finance, Mr. Kolobov and the acting Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Olefirov to discuss the situation in Ukraine and concerted efforts to bring about a stable and prosperous future.