23 April 2016UNICEF has launched its flagship youth initiative U-Report in Ukraine. More than 800 young people from all over Ukraine gathered at the U-Report Interactive Workshop to join this new initiative.

U-Report is a global project with more than 2 mln subscribers worldwide. It is a system of public opinion polls through free SMS and Twitter. Young people join the project via sending a free SMS ‘START’ to short code 4224, and weekly answer short polls. With the help of U-Report, UNICEF and partners analyze social issues that matter to youth, and use the polls’ results to influence the development of social policies.

“U-Report enables direct and fast data collection and analysis. It promotes youth empowerment and participation in community decision-making”, - said Giovanna Barberis, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine, who encouraged young people to be vocal and act for social change: “Recently, the global community has set 17 Sustainable development goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for the future generations by 2030. Ukraine is now in the process of determining its Sustainable development goals, which are the most relevant to the country. It is important that young people express their view and contribute through the U-Report”.

The participants of the U-Report Launch attended workshops and lectures to discuss the issues addressed in U-Report polls: education, employment, family values, gender issues, career development, social activism and urban studies.

The Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov spoke to young people: “We need new ideas and your vision of future development is crucial. U-Report is an opportunity for us to hear your voice. We count on the results of the polls, and we are ready to consider them in all youth-related programming”.

Many famous Ukrainian young opinion leaders, artists and entrepreneurs, supported the event and delivered the workshops to the U-Reporters: Miriam Drahina, Yana Altukhova, Geo Leros, Yaroslav Lodyhin, Yuriy Marchenko. The popular Ukrainian musician Dmytry Shurov (Pianoboy) gave his concert to inspire young people for social change. “It is extremely important for any person, especially the young one, to feel that they are heard and needed. For me, as a musician who communicates through music, and a citizen who wants our country to progressively develop, it is an honor and pleasure to support this UNICEF initiative”, - said Dmytry.

Twenty countries joined the U-Report globally. Ukraine was the first one in Europe to launch the project. In Mexico, the U-reporters influenced a development of the new youth policy. In Liberia, the U-Report helped to reveal a major problem of sexual exploitation at schools. In Ireland, the U-Report helped to determine top five youth problems for the country.

In Ukraine, U-Report is being implemented in partnerships with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Policy, the Ombudsman for Child Rights Office, Ukrainian Institute for Social Researches after Olexandr Yaremenko, AIESEC, NGO National Youth Council of Ukraine, Charitable Organization “Adolescent and Youth Association “Teenergizer”, National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine, NGO Institute of Social Initiatives, UN Youth Advisory Panel.


Currently more than 4,500 young people registered in U-Report Ukraine. Twelve polls conducted since February 2016. In particular, the polls have revealed that 93% of U-Reporters are ready to join local initiatives to solve the issues in their communities; 60% of U-reporters experienced the cases of discrimination by age and 48% by gender. Most of U-reporters (44%) said that knowledge received at the education institutions is insufficient for the job performance and more than one third are concerned about the quality of education and low qualification of teachers. See full report for February-March: www.unicef.org.ua

More details: www.ukraine.ureport.in

Follow U-Report: Facebook.com/ureport.ukraine, Vk.com/ureportua, Twitter.com/ureportukraine.

For more information:

Anna Sukhodolska, Communication for Development Officer, UNICEF Ukraine, asukhodolska@unicef.org, (044) 521 0125

Liliya Lyubomudrova, Project Coordinator, lilya.lyu@gmail.com (063) 593 0373


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