17 May 2016 - On 30th April UNDP completed its first project aimed at restoring social infrastructure facilities in the conflict-affected territories of Ukraine. Keeping in mind the needs of the most vulnerable citizens and consulting with local communities, the project team selected 19 social infrastructure facilities to restore and to improve the services provided.

Seven of them are healthcare facilities, four are institutions providing rehabilitation services, two provide educational services, two provide shelter and help for the elderly, and four provide mixed social services. Old and not properly maintained over past decades, the selected institutions were not able to cope with the growing population as the IDP influx continued.

UNDP has used a mix of activities to bring each site to its best capacity – from actual reconstruction work to training for the staff and procurement of rehabilitation equipment. The universal design, energy saving measures, and modern social work methods are now a part of the everyday reality in Donbas. It is estimated that 81,000 people will benefit from the positive changes generated by this project.