Kyiv, October 28, 2016 - The Government of Ukraine, United Nations and World Bank Trust Funds launched many partners in a joint mechanism to ensure coordinated support efforts of economic recovery and peace building in Ukraine.

Because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which lasts more than two years, worsening general economic situation and prospects, in fact paralyzed economic activity in the largest industrial region of the country. Interruptions in industry, transport, SMEs have increased unemployment and poverty, in addition, worse access to services and livelihoods in areas affected by conflict. Ukraine's international partners are ready to support the efforts of the Government of Ukraine to restore infrastructure, peace-building, taking into account the specific needs of communities affected by the conflict.

"The government has allocated funds for the restoration of the eastern regions of the budget of 2015 and 2016, but faced with the complexities of a lack of resources and institutional capacity, and the need to overcome economic and social problems of the community affected by the conflict. We urge international partners using a multi platform to assist and support peace building, reconstruction, development and meet the needs of the community "- said the Minister of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernish.

Trust Funds were established according to the recommendations of the joint assessment of recovery and peace building, the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Union and the Government of Ukraine approved. Assessment revealed the need to introduce a common approach to the funding of economic recovery in eastern Ukraine, to strengthen support for the government's strategy. A multi platform consists of two trust funds with the participation of many international organizations, within the overall governance mechanisms: (1) trust fund under the UN; and (2) trust fund, headed by the World Bank. This decision is effective through complementary experience, knowledge and operational procedures of the World Bank and the UN, as well as experience gained in other countries where continued or ongoing conflicts.

UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Neil Walker said: "The experience gained in countries affected by conflict, shows that if the majority of financial flows passing through the mechanism of co-financing, it will become the center of attraction that will coordinate relief efforts and increase their effectiveness. "

"The launch of a multi purpose funds is the next important step to support the implementation of the government program of recovery and peace building in the eastern regions. The World Bank intends to continue to support Ukraine, including through the Trust Fund in efforts to promote longer-term economic stability and recovery in the eastern part of the country, "- said Ms. Satu Kahkonen, World Bank Director for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

The target platform work in areas such as infrastructure and social services, economic recovery and social stability, peace-building and security at the community level. Programs and projects will help restore damaged critical infrastructure and social services, job creation, support for small business basic financial services. Trust Funds will also support pilot projects aimed at further expansion opportunities, technical assistance and analytical support.

Target funds many partners welcome the contributions of governments, development partners, the state and the private sector, multilateral and non-governmental organizations and individuals.