16 November, 2017 - Representatives of UN agencies, funds and programs in Ukraine which work in the eastern Ukraine met with residents of Severodonetsk. This is the second meeting with local residents (the first one was held in Kramatorsk) which is aimed at communicating the work of United Nations in the eastern Ukraine.

The event was open to all residents, from students to pensioners, and the list of questions which were discussed was very wide. Some were interested in the opportunities offered by the United Nations, such as small business development, employment, educational programs and UN activities in general. Other participants wanted to find out what projects were being implemented to improve the situation of the most vulnerable and affected groups, humanitarian assistance and UN plans for 2018.

Representatives of agencies, funds and UN programs working in the east of Ukraine, in particular in Severodonetsk and Luhansk region, as well as members of the United Nations Eastern Team, talked about their work, projects and opportunities.

The event was attended by Sergiy Fil, Deputy Head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration: "Due to the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine the assistance of the international community, in particular the United Nations, is extremely important. Lugansk Regional State Administration fruitfully works with UN agencies that are represented in the eastern Ukraine and are engaged in coordinating humanitarian assistance, restoration of infrastructure, support of human rights and reforms of government. I am very grateful to all organizers and participants of the meeting in Severodonetsk. The format of such a meeting is very useful since it allows people to learn more about the work of the United Nations and communicate with its representatives'.