March 23-24, 2018 - 200 organizers and active participants of the United Nations Models from different regions of Ukraine will share the experience of organizing and participating in the UN Models. The purpose of the conference is to form a community of active participants and organizers of the UN Models to exchange the ideas, experiences and knowledge. Participants of the conference will be also modeling the work of the UN General Assembly. Perception of youth with regards to the current world affairs will be outlined in the resolutions of the Committees and Commissions and voted at the UN General Assembly modelling.

Venue: First day: Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 2 Great Zhytomyr street. Second day: Kiev Lyceum of Business, 30-32 Lagerna street.

Organizers and Partners of the Conference: Kyiv Business Lyceum, the United Nations Office in Ukraine, Kyiv Regional State Administration, the Association of the Private Educational Institutions of Kyiv, KROK University of Economics and Law.

The registration is required in order to participate:

Travel and accommodation costs are not covered.

UN Model is a simulation of the United Nations bodies such as the General Assembly and its main Committees, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council. The students take on the roles of diplomats by debating international crises, negotiating difficult global issues and drafting and adopting resolutions. The first UN model in Ukraine took place in 1998 in the Kyiv Lyceum of Business.

Within the framework of the conference a photo exhibition "20 Years of the UN Models in Ukraine" will take place.

Project Manager - Lyudmila Parashchenko, Director of Kyiv Lyceum of Business;

Coordinator - Valentina Nidzelska, Deputy Director of Kyiv Lyceum of Business.

More information: 456-08-14, 456-20-06, 067 2328198 and at,