13 April 2020

The dominance of false information prevents Ukrainians from effectively resisting spread of novel coronavirus. So, the ICTV Facts website has started collaboration with the UN to improve the situation. A series of collaborative publications will debunk the most popular myths, conspiracy theories, and other fake news regarding COVID-19.

The notes and infographics, provided by UN, will also give you general tips on how to prevent yourself from infecting COVID-19 and how to deal with stress during the pandemic. Only the most up-to-date information from UN profile agencies will be published.

“It is important for us to convey only verified information to our audience. In a world where there are so many fakes, Ukrainians should rely only on facts. That is why we have reached out to the UN for cooperation to provide timely information that can be trusted and posted on our internet resource. To my knowledge, we are the first among the Ukrainian media to launch such cooperation,” – said Olga Tyshchuk, Director of ICTV's Internet Projects Department.

“In these challenging times, the UN in Ukraine welcomes the partnership with the media group StarLight Media, and ICTV in particular. We see this cooperation as an important part of our efforts to ensure that people in Ukraine receive accurate, evidence-based information on all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our cooperation furthermore can serve to counter false information on the novel coronavirus which can not only mislead, but could even result in increased risk to peoples’ health. Robust public messaging, public service announcements, and instant updates that draw on credible sources is vital in keeping the public well-informed about the evolving situation, and better protected. I urge everyone to use trusted sources of information coming from the Ministry of Health, WHO as well as other parts of the UN” - commented Osnat Lubrani, UN RC/HC in Ukraine.

The ICTV Facts website paid particular attention to information regarding the safe pregnacy.

All materials in the series will be labeled with UN logo, so that readers can immediately recognize the proven information.

The first joint material is already available on the website: