The United Nations has a tradition of enlisting the volunteer services and support of prominent individuals from the worlds of art, sport, literature and entertainment to highlight priority issues and to draw attention to its activities. A number of Secretariat units and separately funded and administered Funds and Programmes of the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as the “Funds and Programmes”) have designated such individuals as Goodwill Ambassadors.

The Secretary-General has invited a number of high profile individuals to serve as Messengers of Peace. Our experience has proven that celebrities can contribute to United Nations efforts to raise awareness of the aims, objectives and priorities of the Organization, to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach. Due care must therefore be exercised in making such designations and in managing the resulting relationships.

To ensure consistency and the maintenance of a high standard in the selection, designation and involvement of prominent individuals in the work of the United Nations, the Secretary-General has approved the following guidelines which shall apply to the Secretariat, and the Funds and Programmes.