A growing and productive Ukrainian agricultural sector is key in advancing sustainable economic, rural and social development that leaves no one behind. The Moratorium on Agricultural Land Sales has deprived millions of landowners of their constitutionally enshrined property rights and has been a major impediment in furthering these goals.

• The decision by Rada on 31 March 2020 to adopt the draft land turnover law 2178-10 marks an important step in realising the agricultural sector’s development potential.

• It must now be quickly accompanied by a wider package of government proposed complementary land reform legislation. So far, only two of five relevant draft laws have been approved.

• The establishment of a functioning land market must first and foremost benefit landowners, smaller farmers and local communities. Further concentration of land in a few hands must be prevented.

• To take full effect, smallholders and smaller farms must be supported with well targeted financing instruments, including state support, access to credit and Partial Credit Guarantees (PCG).

• Land consolidation mechanisms are needed to prevent land fragmentation and aid the development of smallholders into commercially viable farms.

• Land reform must follow a gender-responsive, human-rights based approach with the interests of the most marginalised groups at their centre.

• New and disadvantaged market participants must be supported with strengthened consultation and advisory services and free legal assistance.