“Working with and for young people” is one of the UN Secretary General’s Five-year Action Agenda priorities released in 2012.

The UN system in Ukraine coordinates its work with and for youth through the Working Group on Youth, as well as the Youth Advisory Panel at the UN. The UN is working with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine and other national partners on the development of a new Youth Programme for 2015-2020. A review and analysis of existing research, identification of gaps and development of policy recommendations and effective mechanisms for horizontal and vertical collaboration has been initiated. At a practical level, the UN has created a national youth work educational programme for civil servants and leaders of youth NGOs. UN-supported programmes promote healthy lifestyles and safe behaviour, including HIV/STI prevention among young people, through advocacy events and information campaigns. The UN is also addressing youth unemployment through research and increasing young people’s access to the internet and other resources. Finally it has supported an expansion in youth volunteering (currently around 23 per cent of all youth participate in some form of voluntary work).


To better support the Ministry of Youth in shaping an evidence-based youth strategy and action plan, a national survey ‘The Youth of Ukraine 2015’ was carried out with technical and financial assistance from the UN Youth Theme Group. 2015 also marked the formalization of UN expanding its partnership with youth civil society organizations CSOs through the establishment of the UN Youth Advisory Panel (UNYAP).

The role of the UNYAP is to advise the UN on the strategic opportunities and necessary actions for addressing adolescent and youth issues, as well as for the UN to help shape the agendas of the youth organizations to improve youth policies and advocacy initiatives.

The Panel serves as an advisory body and contributes to the implementation of UN activities by bringing innovation and creative ideas and solutions. Issues of youth development, employment, HIV and healthy lifestyles have been promoted and advocated at UN supported events, including (national and international) Youth Days, Youth Innovations and Policy Reforms Forum, A #FightUnfair for #EveryChild Youth Forum, UN Day Campaign, SDG promotion campaign, UN For You and Model UN.


Priorities and focus areas for 2016 are:

  • Provide technical and advisory support the government, promote and advocate for youth engagement in the development and implementation of youth-related programming, including the Law on Youth, Youth Strategy 2020, 2030 sustainable development agenda, establishment and operation of Youth Volunteer Service and network of Youth Centers
  • Use youth data and analysis used for elaboration and implementation of innovative ideas and activities to increase youth mobility, volunteering, active engagement, employment, practicing of healthy lifestyle

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