General Description of task(s) and objectives to be achieved

The PC is a GEF funded position reporting to the FAOR and the FAO LTO.

  • Manage Project Coordination Unit (PCU)
  • Prepare annual and quarterly workplans and prepare ToR for all inputs;
  • Ensure all PCU staff and all consultants fully understand their role and their tasks, and support them in their work;
  • Oversee day-to-day implementation of the project in line with the workplans;
  • Assure quality of project activities and project outputs;
  • Organise regular planning and communication events, starting with inception mission and inception workshop;
  • Oversee preparation and implementation of M&E framework;
  • Oversee preparation and implementation of Project communication and knowledge management frameworks;
  • Prepare progress reports and all monitoring reports.
  • Lead interactions with stakeholders
  • Liaise with government agencies and regularly advocate on behalf of the Project;
  • Coordinate project interventions with other ongoing activities, especially those of co-financers and other GEF projects;
  • Facilitate and strengthen collaboration between national project’s stakeholders and regional/international partners to ensure smooth implementation and delivery of project’s activities;
  • Support the establishment of the project as an umbrella for SLM/INRM in Ukraine and encourage regional/international partners to support this initiative;
  • Regularly promote the project and its outputs and findings on a national, and where appropriate, regional stage.

Minimum Requirements

  • Advanced degree in agronomy, agro-economy, natural resources management or related fields
  • At least ten years of experience in the natural resources management sector in Ukraine;
  • Demonstrated ability to adopt new ideas;
  • Demonstrated commitment to participatory and bottom-up approaches;
  • Excellent English and Russian written and spoken language skills.

FAO Core Competencies

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, including advocating to government agencies;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage, including project management, office management;
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