8 квітня 2014 року - Спеціальний доповідач Організації Об`єднаних Націй з питань меншин, Рита Iжак, зустрілась з главами агентств ООН, фондів і програм, які входять до складу Системи ООН в Україні в рамках її візиту до України з метою моніторингу ситуації у зв`язку з правами меншин у країні.

8 April 2014 - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsák, met with the Heads of UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes constituting the UN Country Team in Ukraine in the frame of her visit to Ukraine aimed at monitoring the situation with regard to minority communities in the country.

UN Country Team members informed Ms. Izsak on the issues concerning national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities from perspective of their agencies’ respective mandates, in particularly with regard to access of minority groups to social services, such as health and quality education, as well as their ability to exercise their human rights and participate in economic and social life of the society.     

Ms. Izsák will continue her visit traveling different localities including Kiev, Uzhgorod, Odessa and Donetsk. She has informed the UNCT members that she has also requested access to Crimea where she hopes to hold further consultations.

Upon conclusion of her visit to Ukraine, Ms. Izsák will report to the Human Rights Council on her findings and recommendations.